Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It’s Official

Today, I finally got my papers all filed; $500 and over 25 signatures and now I am an official MLA candidate for Edmonton-Ellerslie. One would think that’s it?!? Considering:
• Instructions for Independent Candidates are vague at best.
• A nomination form was not included in the initial package.
• Independent Candidates are not allowed to raise, solicit, or spend any funds before the election writ is filed, not even their own money.
I must say, despite some stumbling blocks and frustration, this has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable time of my life.
I will be on a radio show this weekend or may be next weekend considering it is Easter. I have started on making my signs and will have some posters produced real soon. I have some exciting plans for the last week of the campaign period.
Now, all I need to do is to get the electorate to vote. Just remember No Votes = No Democracy.

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