Wednesday, 4 April 2012

It’s Official

Today, I finally got my papers all filed; $500 and over 25 signatures and now I am an official MLA candidate for Edmonton-Ellerslie. One would think that’s it?!? Considering:
• Instructions for Independent Candidates are vague at best.
• A nomination form was not included in the initial package.
• Independent Candidates are not allowed to raise, solicit, or spend any funds before the election writ is filed, not even their own money.
I must say, despite some stumbling blocks and frustration, this has been one of the most exciting and enjoyable time of my life.
I will be on a radio show this weekend or may be next weekend considering it is Easter. I have started on making my signs and will have some posters produced real soon. I have some exciting plans for the last week of the campaign period.
Now, all I need to do is to get the electorate to vote. Just remember No Votes = No Democracy.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Have you registered?

To make things easier at the polls make sure you register. It can be done on-line at but you will need either a Driver’s licence or Alberta Government Issued Identification (it looks like a driver’s licence). Oh, and be sure you have a magnifying glass nearby because the site asks for the number beside the bar code at the bottom of the card.
At my work we have started an election discussion board. I encourage anyone and everyone that has a discussion board at work to use it to have fun and learn about the election. Keep it positive – someone wrote Positive Energy – Positive Results.
I have learned a lot about my co-workers and I think they are really getting into the election excitement. Please note I have not used the word politics. I find there is a difference between election discussions and political discussions; just like there is a difference between politically clever but economically unsound.
Do not let the political rhetoric discourage how you will vote? Instead discuss candidates and parties not only in your area but for other constituencies. It is OK to discuss and debate the merits of different candidates and parties. But in the end remember it is Your Voice and Your Choice. Be sure to vote.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What does it take?

If I could grow wings, I would do any thing just to make you believe...

Today was a beautiful day to do some door knocking. I had some wonderful conversations that totally do not reflect the poll numbers being published. Talking to the electorate, definitely 1 in 3 are not in favor for either leading parties (where these polls get +30% I have no idea who they are calling) at least not in my constituency, or the neighbourhood I canvassed today. Which for me, affirms my belief that polls are just free advertising for those who can afford them.

Also, I had some conversations that well, let’s just say: what does it take to convince people the insanity of not voting. It reminds me of when I was in Grade 6 at St. Clement’s School in Edmonton. The boys would not let the girls play soccer on the soccer field. So a friend of mine and myself started a petition to fight for our right to play on the soccer field and the girls won their right to play on the soccer field. Unfortunately, only a handful of the girls actually liked playing soccer – the rest just signed the petition to win the right. Eventually because of lack of use of the field the boys took over the field again. Fortunately, the boys compromised and let the girls who liked to play soccer join the teams.

The moral of the story is: if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. The above is the best case scenario, the boys compromised. But with voting, the worst case senario is a dictatorship capable of establishing martial law without opposition. No Votes = No Democracy. Albeit, this won’t happen at the provincial level (if Canada won’t let Quebec separate, I doubt it will let a dictatorship exist in Alberta) But technically, if you look at some of the policies that have been passed, like deregulating energy, or the consolidation of health boards without a plan, budget or well-defined vision or charging the lowest royalties in the world on our oil reserves, – I would say Alberta has not enjoyed a democracy either.

In 2008 in my constituency, the incumbent didn’t even win with a majority of the popular vote (41% casted ballots) and was elected with only 15% of the electorate vote; 23% voted for the other candidates; 62% did not vote – for whatever excuse – my vote does not count, you cannot beat them, I am not political, I do not want to vote for the wrong candidate, you name it I have heard it. The way things are right now, if everyone who voted in 2008 voted the same in 2012 and I convinced only 1 in 3 of those who did not vote to cast a protest vote and at least vote for me since they didn’t think their vote counted any way... I would win. So if you really think your vote does not count, prove me wrong and cast a protest vote. If you can – vote for me, if not vote for whom you think least likely to win and see how interesting the next legislature will be.

I am not encouraging a social experiment, this is your right and duty to vote. I am saying everyone needs to cast a vote. If you like how things are right now, by all means vote for the current government. If not, and you are not sure of the other party platforms then cast a protest vote.

Running as an independent is not anyone’s first choice to run. I did not want to do it in my first election (that’s a whole other story.) I am not arrogant enough to say I am the best choice, either. I only know 2 of the other candidates – 1 respect, and with the other I totally am disappointed. My point is if you have an independent candidate, the chances are they are sincerely wanting to represent the electorate first and not the party. That is who you want to vote for – someone who you feel will work in your best interest – not their own, not their party’s, not their sponsors’ but your interest.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Virtual Campaigning

I've been away from this blog as I am trying to support a new up&coming social media site started here in Alberta. I like it because it is similar to TED:Ideas Worth Sharing but geared more towards personal writing. I can post small articles longer than the sound bites of Twitter and keep separate from my Facebook, since I am friends with my children, I try to do much of my virtual campaigning on Grey Box, Twitter and here.

I am still fundraising in order to afford signs. I'm visiting as many groups as I can and this weekend I am starting door knocking and having my first campaign meeting on Monday or Tuesday.

I hope I haven't lost some followers due to lack of posts but I'll try to keep posting on both this blog and my articles.

I think the campaign is going great. I am not discouraged by the polls since I know what people think of them and that they are probably way off because people don't like them. I know I change my answer all the time because it is none of anyone's business to know how I am voting. Sure this time it should be obvious.

Join and visit my Grey Box site. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Keep spreading the word to VOTE.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Voting Tips

The best advice I ever got when I started voting.
1) Vote for your candidate but when no one rises to the top for you then...
2) Vote for your most agreeable political party but when all the party-lines seem crooked then...
3) Cast a protest vote...

What is a protest vote?
A vote for the independent or least popular party candidate is frequently called a protest vote and it tells the government you care enough to vote and will not vote for a "popular" party

Monday, 26 March 2012


To be honest I don't have a platform in the traditional sense. I have a work ethic. I will endeavor to represent all constituents with integrity and accountibility. I will work hard to negotiate and facilitate equitable solutions to the issues Albertans face. I will not make promises nor spew out platitudes to get your vote. I can not predict the future and a platform is only as good or the framework that is voted into the legislature.

That said, for 40 years there has been the same majority government that should have been able to fulfill all the promises made in the past 10 election platforms with the goal to build a better Alberta. Why is it so hard to get a family doctor? Why are there no nurses or counsellors in schools? Why is Alberta charging the lowest royalties in the world for oil, when we live in a world demanding oil resources,that are preferrably, conflict-free and environmentally-responsible? Why isn't Alberta charging higher royalties so more can be done to keep the oil companies accountible environmentally and fiscally.

Before you judge me for not having a platform, ask yourself what is a platform? Also, how many platforms have been fulfilled and have ensured that all citizens have reasonable access to quality healthcare, quality education, and ensure economic growth with diversity and good stewardship for the resources, both natural and more importantly human? This is not a popularity contest, this is your government that is supposed to serve and protect your rights.

Cast your vote Monday, April 23, 2012. Show you care. It is YOUR VOICE, YOUR CHOICE.