Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Have you registered?

To make things easier at the polls make sure you register. It can be done on-line at www.voterlink.ab.ca but you will need either a Driver’s licence or Alberta Government Issued Identification (it looks like a driver’s licence). Oh, and be sure you have a magnifying glass nearby because the site asks for the number beside the bar code at the bottom of the card.
At my work we have started an election discussion board. I encourage anyone and everyone that has a discussion board at work to use it to have fun and learn about the election. Keep it positive – someone wrote Positive Energy – Positive Results.
I have learned a lot about my co-workers and I think they are really getting into the election excitement. Please note I have not used the word politics. I find there is a difference between election discussions and political discussions; just like there is a difference between politically clever but economically unsound.
Do not let the political rhetoric discourage how you will vote? Instead discuss candidates and parties not only in your area but for other constituencies. It is OK to discuss and debate the merits of different candidates and parties. But in the end remember it is Your Voice and Your Choice. Be sure to vote.

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